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Adopting from Us

Did you know that when you adopt from Dog Town Rescue you save 2 lives - the life of the dog we can pull from a shelter, and the life of the dog who gets to take that dog's place, plus it enriches your own life, so it really is a win for all involved!

Although DTR is a no kill shelter, and only euthanizes in cases of illness or behavior that are deemed unmanageable, unsafe, untreatable or leading to poor quality of life, and NEVER simply for space constraints, adopting from us allows us to save another dog who is at risk in the greater Philadelphia area, and beyond.

We post all our dogs on social media and leading adoption websites, as they become available.  We try to keep all information and dogs posted current but the rescue is all volunteer led so sometimes we lag a little behind.

Check out our dog listings by clicking this link!

Adoption fees range from $200-$500, depending on the size, type and age of the dog.  

Adoption fees include spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccinations, microchip and basic vet care to date (flea/tick preventative, dewormer, etc)

Please note the following prior to submitting an application:

•    We DO require that ALL dogs and cats in your household are spayed or neutered, kept up-to-date on vaccines and that they are seen regularly for wellness/preventative checks.  Indoor only cats must also be current on all vet recommended vaccinations.  The rabies vaccine is required by law in PA.
•    We do NOT require a fenced in yard unless otherwise noted for a specific pet. 
•    We do NOT have restrictions regarding children in an adoptive household unless otherwise noted for a specific pet. 
•    We do NOT SHIP animals. If you are interested in adopting one of our pets and live outside of our area, you will be required to come meet and adopt the animal in person if your application is approved.  
•    We do NOT hold animals.  
•    We do NOT adopt to anyone under 21 years old.  

Click the button below to go to our online adoption application.

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