Jennifer Joseph

Affectionately nicknamed Boss Lady, Jennifer is the owner Dog Town, the business.  However as busy as that keeps her, Jenn saw how dire the animal welfare situation was in the Philadelphia area, and so Dog Town Rescue (DTR) was born.  Her dog Hawkins is truly the face of Dog Town Rescue, as he is the logo you see!   Jenn is always the life of the party, and the spirit of Dog Town Rescue

Amanda Bremser

Amanda, lives up to her nickname of Coach.  She is the glue, and the person we can always rely on for a little comic relief when things get stressful. Although she is more often found in the back building as the day time manager for the daycare she is an integral part of the rescue.  Amanda lives with her family and 2 small (but mighty) dogs.  

Megan Kelly

Megan lives with a dinosaur, monster, and a few other mythical creatures.  There may also be a dragon, we aren't entirely sure.

Cait Mellor

Where Jenn is the heart of DTR, Cait could probably be called the brains of the operation.  She keeps everyone running, both human and canine, and coordinates more things by 9 am than most of us get done in a day.  Cait felt her plate was not full enough with her job, the MANY hours she puts into the rescue after hours, her 4 dogs and her husband, she also has a young daughter, who we expect will be the future of Dog Town Rescue.  

Karina Sharma

Karina and Jenn met when Jenn adopted one of Karina's foster dogs, and life has never really been the same for either!  Karina is known as the resident cat lady of DTR and lives with her dog Zeus and gaggle of cats.  She can usually be found creeping around DTR on the weekends

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