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Berry's Story

We think every rescue can relate to the situation we found ourselves in on Sunday 01/21.  Full to capacity with more dogs expected this week.  Stretched beyond our means but then you see that one dog, and just know, we can make it work for one more.


Berry (formerly Lexi at the shelter) was that one more for us.  Seeing her at the shelter in New Jersey, we could not leave her behind.  And so we made the call to pull one more.


This puppy, only six months old, is suffering from one of the worst cases of demodex mange we have ever seen along with a serious secondary skin infection.  On top of all of this, Berry has pressure sores on her paws so deep that tendon is exposed.  Pictures truly do not do this poor girl's condition justice.

And yet despite this, Berry reminds us what rescue is, what it's all about. 


The first thing Berry did when she got to our adoption center was to crawl into one of our volunteer's laps.  She is in such discomfort, yet all she wants is affection.   She must be in pain, yet she will sit next to you and gently nudge her head under your hand for pets.  A true testament to the resilience of these animals and exactly why we do what we do.

Berry has a long road of healing before she is ready to be put up for adoption but you can still be a part of her rescue story by helping to contribute to her veterinary bills.  Berry will likely require months of treatments, medicines, possibly surgery to close one of the open wounds, and follow--up care, all of which can be costly. 
We do not normally request donations for a specific dog, but in this case we're calling on our village to help by giving to Berry's medical fund.  Every dollar counts, and we promise she's worth it. 

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