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Indigo's Story

UPDATE 04/2019

Indigo has kept us on our toes in the last 5 or so months that she has been with us. 

Good news - she endears herself to everyone who has the honor of crossing paths with her.  She is the star of every Kid's Night and other special event we host, teaching kids (and adults) about the true spirit of dogs and living in the moment and debunking any "pit bull" myths people may buy into.  She is pure joy and love with just the right amount of sass sprinkled in.

Bad news - SO many vet bills.  Indigo has had an uphill battle in trying to get her to a healthy place where she may one day be ready for adoption.  Luckily she has been able to keep her leg and now is just on daily anti-inflammatory medication to keep any discomfort down in order to avoid amputation but she has had ongoing urinary tract and coughing spells that have lead to repeated vet visits, bloodwork and x-rays.  She also ended up having pyometra, a life threatening condition that can occur in unspayed females, resulting in an expensive and tough surgery.  She has recovered well from surgery, but not without leaving the rescue's medical funds greatly depleted and in a state such that we are limited in the medical cases we can continue to take on at this time.




When we saw Indigo's shelter picture, at that time she was Diandra at ACCT Philly (A40066911) we were immediately smitten.

We don't really know Indigo's past story - we could certainly come to some easy assumptions based on her emaciated condition, injured leg, jaw/face deformities and multitude of bite wounds that are prominent across her whole body.  But we don't want to focus on those as much as we want to focus on her amazing spirit, forgiving nature and perfect temperament.

However the sad reality is that we need to raise some funds to address the first part - her immediate medical needs, so we can allow the second part to shine through and give this beautiful dog the life and care she so deserves.

She likely has no reason to implicitly trust humans, yet she does and will sit next to you and gently nudge her head under your hand for pets and kiss your face.  It's as though she has never met a stranger - everyone is just a friend in waiting.  A true testament to the resilience of these animals and exactly why we do what we do.

Indigo has a long (and EXPENSIVE) road ahead of her to take care of her medical needs.  We are already faced with a vet bill in excess of $2,000 for her care, and with follow up exams, x-rays and a likely amputation in the picture, we expect this to go up much further. 

Shelter Picture
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