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Marley's Story

This is Marley.


Marley is just the best.


He's is a happy, friendly pup.  He's a leaner.  He'll wrap himself around your legs for some pets.  He's just a sweet, gentle, good boy.


You'd never know how hard his past was to meet him now.  

Marley was seized at about four years old by Humane Law Enforcement and held at the SPCA as part of a cruelty case.  We do not know the extent of his treatment, however we do know that due to very severe neglect, Marley was left in very significant pain from ear infections so severe in both ears that the SPCA did not have the resources to treat.


Though a small rescue ourselves, we couldn't stand to know that such a special guy was in a shelter feeling uncomfortable.  Knowing that Marley's treatment could be costly, we welcomed him to our adoption center in Colmar, where he has quickly made best friends with staff and all our other fosters.  

Unfortunately, Marley's right side required a total ear canal ablation, or removal of the entire ear canal at the cost of $4,700.  Luckily, the vet believes that with continued treatment we can save the hearing in his left ear.

Marley is doing great, as sweet as ever, feeling better, and leaning in to everyone he meets for full body pets.  Now it's Dog Town's turn to lean on our wonderful Village that allows us to save these really special and oh-so-deserving pups and give them a chance at a better life than they've ever known.


We have no regrets at all, Marley is worth every penny but unfortunately with Marley's care the coffers are dry preventing us from pulling any dogs with medical concerns - often those most in need.  Every dollar helps us pay our large veterinary bills and allows us to save more of these precious and deserving pups.

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