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**ADOPTED** Darwin - the coolest dog with the worst luck

Over and over we are asked by potential adopters for dogs who are "non-pitbull" and great with kids. Yet, we have one and he just cannot seem to catch a break. NOT. A. ONE.

Our history with this dog is long and sordid (well actually more just long, and less sordid) but starts with him ending up at a local shelter last fall as an approx 1 year old fun-loving, energetic hound mix who was returned when his family was moving. Housebroken, and good with kids. All BIG check marks in the highly adoptable column, right? Yeah, I thought so too....apparently I don't know a single damn thing.

So lets start with the present and see if we can't put enough more check marks in that win column for the newly rebranded Darwin and help get him on his way. He spent a few weeks in the home of a vet student over summer working on some manners and relearning what it is like to live in a home with a consistent routine.

  • Housebroken? Check!

  • Crate trained? Check!

  • Kid friendly? Check!

  • Squirrel hunter extraordinaire? CHECK MATE!

None of these things are to say that Darwin is perfect, he is flawed, much like the rest of us. He can be reactive to other dogs, at least initially, is super athletic and prone to jumping fences so should not be unsupervised, and confuses cats with squirrels so shouldn't live with either of them!

He, like most young dogs, needs an owner who is willing to teach him what is acceptable behavior and what is not, and be consistent, even when it is not fun. He also needs someone willing to exercise him and keep him mentally stimulated as he is quite a smart fellow, as his name would indicate.

I personally think all of these things are workable and pretty normal for a handsome young dude, but there is work involved, so slackers need not apply!

Think you might be the right fit for Darwin and vice versa? Contact us today!

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