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** ADOPTED** Arthur - the weirdest (and cutest) dog-cat around

I will admit it - I am a dog-ist. I prefer my dogs to be BIG. The droolier and sillier they are, the better in my mind. Perhaps its in my genes, I come from a long line of big dog loving women. My grandmother always had rough coat collies when I was a kid, and my mom had setters and shepherds. The joke in our family is that my first word was "dog" , followed closely by "mine" and "no". These probably remain my 3 most used dogs, with a few more adult words I have since learned scattered in.

Having said all that I somehow seem to have fallen in love with a sweet, curmudgeonly little chihuahua man who has been with us at DTR for quite a few months. Arthur came to us last year when he ended up in a shelter because his owner had passed away. There were 5 chis in all, and I just couldn't understand how adopters and rescues could take the other 4 and leave this little guy behind. It's a little less of a mystery to me now.....

Arthur was skinny, and near hairless (and not in a cute meant-to-be kind of way....) little guy. But over the months he has gained weight, has a full coat now, and really grown on me. He may or may not have also nipped a few people within that time, but, you know, minor details....

Arthur loves his people. He is not a morning person and is happy to stay under the blankets in his crate until mid morning. He will grudgingly go out for a morning pee (I think we can all sympathize) and head back to bed for a few hours power nap. Once he is ready to face the day, he sure does face it!

Arthur is adorable and sweet with those he knows - he rubs on your legs like a cat, basically pets himself with your hands and then randomly play bows other dogs and people. He has a history of some bad hips and a bad back, so will randomly chase his own tail and growl if you touch him in the wrong spot. When I visit DTR he comes running to say hi, and will at times put my fingers in his mouth, but not bite at all (thanks Artie!).

He is perfectly crate trained and if you point to his crate at night and sternly tell him to get in it, he jumps in....then growls at the crate. Hilarious? Yes. Adorable? Yes. Really weird? Ok, maybe that too....

Artie also has a bit of a bad boy side to him, in case you don't want to be associated with a tiny old man dog. I mean it, he has a police rap sheet! He may have found a few unsuspecting victims who didn't believe us when we said "don't pet the little brown one,if he doesnt know you, even if he acts like he wants it!" They may believe us now. A partially toothless chihuahua can only do so much damage though. Don't tell Artie that - I'm pretty sure he brags about his police record and has recently been caught trying to join a motorcycle gang online, The Ruff Riders.

At the end of the day, as much fun as it is having Arthur at Dog Town (he is great with dogs and cats) and how easy he is, since we know all his little quirks so well, we would love for someone else to see how special and fun he is and give him his well deserved retirement home. We can't guarantee he won't complain about the digs and the neighbors and yell at the kids to stay off his lawn, but we can guarantee he will have you smiling the whole time.

Contact or through our website for more info on Arthur.

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