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The extra special ones - why dog rescue makes you lose your mind and find your soul

Sometimes there are some dogs who just hit you right in the feels and get to you more than all the other homeless dogs (although believe me, they all get to you). This blog is dedicated to those extra special ones that just seem to get to us, maybe because they remind us of a dog we used to know, or because they just seem to have rotten luck, or we are feeling extra hormonal one day. Regardless of the why, these dogs become the *who*, the reason we do what we do.

Some of these dogs end up finally finding their right place in this world with the people they needed. Sadly some of these dogs do not. Those are the ones who take a piece of our hearts, who make us wonder if we can keep doing it, who make us sometimes dislike the world and some of the people in it, even if just for a brief moment in time. But these are also the dogs who teach us the most memorable lessons; how to live in the moment, how to love without regret and with our whole hearts, and not to hold a grudge and that sometimes things just are what they are.

This blog is dedicated to those dogs. To the special ones. Some of whom will make it, and frankly, some of whom will not. All we can hope is that our hard work and deep love for them (and sharing this blog far and wide so their stories can be told) increases their chances that they will find their rightful places in this world.

So please join us on this journey (and excuse the many run on sentences since this is a labor of love and a brain to finger spewing that should probably be edited and reviewed more than it is) and meet some of these amazing souls, who knows - one may just be your soulmate!

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