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**ADOPTED** Jolene- One of the many dogs still in need during COVID-19.

Our world is a crazy, unfamiliar place right now. While we couldn’t even begin to dive into all of the issues COVID-19 is presenting, we do want to point out the pre-existing challenges that don’t stop, even in the event of a global pandemic.

Animals in need remain one of those challenges.

In the middle of it all, our shelters are still overwhelmed with homeless animals. It’s possible the numbers will even see an increase, as so many people’s jobs are being affected that they may ultimately be forced to make difficult decisions regarding their beloved pets.

All we can do at this point is to continue to help where we can and do our part to give as many animals as we can accomodate a chance at life. Sure, adjustments are being made, as staff is limited, and we also need to keep in mind the goal to #flattenthecurve, but we’re hoping we can find a comfortable balance in it all.

Jolene, fka Ashley, is a gem we were able to save from an inevitable timestamp at ACCT during these especially rough times. Jolene was able to earn her title as the “go-to dog greeter” while at ACCT, even with an injured eye in need of removal. It takes a pretty special dog to remain so overly friendly through an injury that is most likely causing discomfort and pain! Jolene temporarily stayed with her founder for about two weeks before being brought to ACCT and did well with the kids in the home. Our transport volunteers reported she was having trouble “social distancing” during her freedom ride, as she just cannot contain her excitement to be near people. Luckily, especially now, her snuggles and kisses are more than welcome and comforting.

It took a village to help Jolene to find her way to us, and we’re grateful to everyone who assisted in her save. Special shout out to the Paw It 4ward Foundation who has generously offered to help us pay for her vet care.

Stay tuned for updates on Jolene’s surgery, scheduled for April 1st at Pennridge Animal Hospital. We’re so excited to find this big, beautiful girl her forever, and we know COVID-19 won’t stop us.


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